Genetic Computer School provides the following student support services and facilitates to help the students to adapt to the environment:

1. Student Orientation Program

All newly-enrolled students will go through an orientation program which includes the followings:

  • Disseminating and reiterating course information and other essential information listed in the student handbook, brochures, and Genetic Computer School website.
  • Informing students of their rights i.e. feedbacks/ complaints, dispute resolution procedures, fee protection scheme and providing references in the form of hyperlinks to CPE official website for students’ information
  • Informing students on Genetic Computer School policies: course transfer, course withdrawal, course deferment, course extension, course suspension and course termination/expulsion
  • Give details of Genetic Computer School awarding certificate.

2. Student Pass Application

All international students intending to study a full-time course at Genetic Computer School are required to acquire a student pass. 

Genetic Computer School will process the student pass application on behalf of the student upon ascertaining the student’s eligibility to the intended course. Submission will be made via the ICA Solar system 2 months before the course commencement date by Genetic Computer School.  Hence, applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while their applications are being considered.  

Please note that applicants would not be entitled to any extension of stay should they be present in Singapore while the applications are under processing.  

3. Resource/Reference Room

Genetic Computer School has a resource or reference room where students can borrow reference materials which they can use to support their lessons in their modules. Students can register at and request access to GCS Library Management System by adding the link

Steps to borrow books through

1. Log-in to (with the registered username and password in

2. Search for the book(s) to borrow

3. Send request online when you want to borrow the book

4. Print the request receipt and present it to the Student Admin Executive/Lecturer to get the borrowed book

5. Returned the book(s) based on the due date specified on the request. *if need more days send another request.

It is also advised and recommended that students should visit and apply for membership in any NLB (National Libraries).  Nearest to Genetic Computer School is the Geylang East National Library. For more information please visit

4. Student Activities

The school arranges activities for the students every quarter. The activities include recreational, social, community and knowledge creations. Information on the activities is sent to the students via e-mail and/or displayed on the notice board.

Students may contact the Student Admin Executive and/or Lecturer to know more about the events.

5. Wireless Internet Connection

Students are allowed to use the wireless internet connection within the school premises and are advised to use for research and educational purposes only.

6. School Notice Board

All important information like class schedules and event/activity information are posted in the school’s notice board.

7. Academic Support and Counselling

8. Pre-Course Counselling

Pre-course counseling is conducted either by the Student Recruitment Marketing/ Student Admin Executive or the Recruitment Agent to:

–      assess prospective student’s needs,

–      provide appropriate guidance and advice on  the suitability of the courses available

–      provide career guidance relating to the courses available etc.

9. Pastoral Counselling

  • Genetic Computer School appoints student counselor to provide emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands;
  • Student can seek academic and pastoral counseling advice from Ms. Linda  – or call the student helpline at +65 68412124

10. Other Student Support Services

  • Pre-Departure Guide
  • Airport Pick-up Service and Accommodation
  • Student Learning Program
  • Career Advice
  • Information on Singapore Cost of Living
  • Information on Singapore Laws
  • Information on Amenities with close proximity