1. Attendance

  • Attendance requirements:
    • Local Students – 75% or above
    • International Students – 90% or above
  • The student must arrive on time as per the communicated daily class schedule. The student will be considered if he/she arrives more than 30 minutes.
  • The student must provide MC as proof of absenteeism and only MC issued by a registered GP, Polyclinics and/or private or government hospitals is acceptable.
  • Students can apply leave of absence for a maximum of 7 days.
Reasons for Absence No. of Days of Leave to apply
Compassionate Leave for an immediate family member Maximum up to 7 days
Marriage Leave for student Maximum up to 7 days
Examination Leave Maximum up to 7 days
Medical treatment in the home country Maximum up to 7 days

Supporting Documents:

International Students who go back home to seek medical treatment to submit
– Leave Application Form
– A letter from Singapore Registered Doctor stating illness
– Photocopy of Air ticket

Upon returning to Singapore, International Student needs to submit:
– Medical Documentation from Home Country Doctor
– Photocopy of passport/boarding pass

  • Monitoring of Student Attendance

Any form of absenteeism without any prior notice or approval from Genetic Computer School will result in the following consequences:

Number of Days Absent Course of Action
3 days without any valid reason 1st email warning
5 days without any valid reason 2nd email warning + interview by Principal
7 days without any valid reason or below 90% attendance Inform Principal, ICA and CPE  & Cancel Student Pass

2. Confidentiality of Information

All student-related information and data are classified confidential. Staff handling and processing student information, including course assessment materials and results shall strictly abide by Confidentiality and Security Policy.

Student data will be acquired, disclosed (with student’s consent), and used only in ways that respect student privacy.  Access to student-related and sensitive information is restricted to dedicated staff performing the work.

The Personal Data Protection Policies, Process, Procedure, and System ensures that the personal data of the students are protected and will not be disclosed without prior consent.

3. Dress Code

Students shall be properly attired when attending classes; no flips flops, sandals, shorts or singlet.

4. Consumption of Food and Drinks

Do not consume food and drinks inside the classroom.

5. Smoking

The school does not encourage smoking nor permit smoking in its premises in compliance with NEA Regulations. As part of our student support services, the school will assist students who wish to kick the habit and develop a healthy lifestyle through talks and counseling by the Health Promotion Board.

6. Discipline

Students are liable for disciplinary actions if they are in serious breach of the school’s rules and regulations or violations of the local laws and regulations. A warning letter may be issued to the student where its deemed necessary, and appropriate actions shall be taken for repetitive violations.