Course Deferment

1.  Deferment refers to deferring the course to a later commencement date.  After the commencement of course, students are not allowed to defer.

2.  Student is allowed to defer only on valid reasons such as medical reasons, bereavement of immediate family members including parents, spouse and children.

3.  Student must complete the “Course Deferment Form” and must be supported by relevant documentary evidence. Student must submit the form to Genetic Computer School with a 4 week's notice. This is subjected to Principal’s approval within the time-frame of 4 weeks. 

4.  Student will be served with a letter confirming deferment.

5.  Student is allowed to defer course to the next intake (for a maximum grace period of 6 months) from the approval date of course deferment.

6.  Course deferment is considered as a withdrawal of current course. 

7.  International student have to surrender their existing student pass. International student has to apply to ICA for the new course that he/she intends to defer to. The new student pass is subject to the approval of Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

8. For an approved course deferment, the original student contract must be terminated and a new student contract must be signed. 

9.  Any course fees paid are allowed to be carried forward to the next intake when the students return to resume their studies with Genetic Computer School.


Click the link to view the detailed Course Deferment Process

Academic Courses

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