Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Commencement Dates

7/10/2019 to 27/3/2020 [Monday to Friday]


Due to increasing popularity of web and social media, many of businesses now focus on digital marketing to increase brand awareness, engaging customers so as to increase customer retention, creating new business opportunities and providing supports through the use of digital media. But, most of the businesses are facing difficulties in finding an employee who is well trained in marketing with strong knowledge and skills in using software tools and systems at professional level.

This course is designed to equip the candidate with knowledge and skills in creative design and online marketing.


At the end of the course, students must be able to

1.      Understand how technology changes marketing landscape

2.      Explain basic principles of marketing

3.      Develop effective digital marketing plans with SMART targets

4.      Familiar with appropriate tools and techniques in digital marketing

5.      Understand visual communication design

6.      Optimize the content for better search engine ranking

7.      Plan, execute and measure effectiveness of a marketing campaign using web analytics.

Course Details


Module Code             Module Name

SM01                          Essentials of Digital Marketing

SM02                         Visual Communication Design

SM03                         Search Engine Optimization

SM04                         Social Media Channels and Strategies

SM05                         Email Marketing

SM06                         Web Analytics

Entry Requirement

·         Minimum diploma holders in any discipline with at least 1 year experience or

·         Bachelor degree holders or

·         Mature students with experience in related fields will be considered case by case. 

·         English Requirements

o   Pass in English at “O” Level or equivalent

Fees Structure


The course fees are due, and is payable as full payment

Application fee – (Non-Refundable)

Local Students – S$ 50

International Student – S$ 150


Course Fees (subject to prevailing GST of 7%)


Specialist Diploma

Local Student

(For Singaporean /PR/Work permit/ Employment Pass holders)

International Student

(Require Student pass)



Amount (S$)

Amount (S$)

Course Fee



Administrative Fee



FPS Processing Fee







Payment Schedule



Local Student 

(For Singaporean/PR/Work permit/ Employment Pass holders)

Amount (S$)


Application Fee (Upon Registration)



1 Time payment for 6 months







International Student

(Require Student pass)

Amount (S$)


Application Fee (Upon Registration)



1 Time payment for 6 months






 Mode of Payment

 *The modes of payment available are cash, cheque, cashier’s order, Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Transfer


MISCELLANEOUS FEES* (subject to prevailing GST of 7%)

Purpose of Fee

Amount (S$) and When Payable

Late Student Pass Renewal processing Fee:

  1.          i.      Less than 14 days but more than 7 days before date of renewal
  2.         ii.      Less than 7 days to renewal date





ICA Student Pass Issuance (On Renewal) – Payable to ICA

$90.00 + $30 (ICA Processing Fee)

Resit Examination Fee

$100.00(per module)

Appeal Fee

$50.00(per module)

Replacement of Genetic Student Card

$30.00(per student)

Replacement of Diploma Certificate

$50.00(each certificate)

Replacement of Transcript

$50.00 (per transcript)

Registration Extension  Fee

$200.00 (per course) – valid for 1 year extension

Course Transfer Application Fee


Deferment Application Fee


Course Materials Fee

$400.00  to $ 1000.00  

Late Payment of Course Fee:
7 days after the scheduled due date(s)


Remodule - 1st Option

(class arranged within the course duration and module time-table is within the semester scheduling)

$1120.00 (inclusive of GST 7%)

Remodule - 2nd Option

(class arranged within the course duration but module time-table is not within the semester scheduling)

$2000.00 (inclusive of GST 7%)

Remodule-3rd Option

(class is arranged after the course duration)

$2000.00 (inclusive of GST 7%


Note Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which the student will pay only when necessary or applicable. Such fees are normally collected on an ad hoc basis by the GCS when the need arises.


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