03 days – Adobe Photoshop CS6 - 24 hrs (Perform Image Editing Functions) (ICDL Certification Module 9 : Image Editing) (CRS-Q-0024025-ES)

Commencement Dates

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Course Duration

24 Hours 

Target Audience

This is a fundamental level course for all learners new to digital imaging. Anyone who produces digital work, or needs to work in the medium of digital is recommended to attend. Those with basic knowledge of image editing are welcome to join.


Knowledge on usage of computer is a must. Those with image editing background will have advantage but not a must.


Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore. This is a joint certification between WDA and ICDL Singapore. Student must take a 1 hour practical assessment at the end of the course.

Course Pathway

For more information on the ICDL Progression Pathway please refer to the link below:

ICDL Courses Progression Pathways

Mode of Training



This module enables the candidate to understand the main concepts underlying digital images and to use an image editing application to enhance images, apply effects and prepare an image for printing and publishing.

The candidate shall be able to :

  • Understand the main concepts of using digital images and understand format options and colour concepts.
  • Open an existing image, save an image in different formats and set image file options.
  • Use built-in options such as displaying toolbars, palettes to enchance productivity.
  • Capture and save an image, use various selection tools and manipulate images.
  • Create and use layers, work with text, use effects and filters and use drawing and painting tools.
  • Prepare images for printing or publishing.

Course Details



Section 1 : Understanding Photoshop Concept

Imaging Concepts
Common Use of Digital Images
Pixel and Resolution
Understanding the Principles of Copyright

Section 2 : File Formats

Graphic Formats
Raster and Vector Images
Common Raster Format
Proprietary Digital Image Editing Application Formats
Understanding Interpolation

Section 3 : Understanding Colour

Identify Different Types of Files
Copy and Move Files and Folders
Delete Files
Empty Recycle Bin
Colour Concepts
Colour Models
Colour Palette and Depth
Understanding Common Colour Terms

Section 4 : Digital Imaging Transfer

Capturing Images
Saving Images from Digital Camera
Using Print Screen Facilities
Saving Image from Image LIbrary
Scanning Images

Section 5 : Creating and Saving Images

Creating Images
Photoshop Interface and Creating Images
Opening and Placing Images
Switching Between Open Files
Creating New Image File
Saving Images
Foreground and Background Colours
Setting Grid Properties

Section 6 : Knowing the Tools for Productivity

Enhancing Productivity
Setting Basic Options and Preferences
Using the Help Function
Using Magnification and Zoom Tools
Performing Undo and Redo with History Panels
Manipulating Toolbars and Panels

Section 7 : Understanding Selection

Selection Techniques
About Selection Techniques
Selecting an Entire Image or Layer
Selecting with Marquee and Lasso Tools
Selecting Based on Colour
Manipulating Selections
Feathering and Anti-Aliasing
Inversing Selection
Saving and Loading Selections

Section 8 : Understanding Digital Image Colour

Colour Correction
Colour Variation
Colour Effect
Common Colour Terms

Section 9 : Understanding and Setting Work Area

Optimizing Photoshop
Setting General Preferences
Setting File Handling Preferences
Setting Interface Preferences
Setting Cursors Preferences
Controlling Transparency and Gamut Preferences
Working with Units and Rulers
Workign with Guides
Grid and Slices
Setting Plug-Ins Preferences
Selecting Scratch Disks
Allocating Memory and Image Cache
Setting Type Preferences
Managing Libraries with the Preset Manager
Using and Customizing Workspaces
Building Specialized Workspaces
Creating a Customized User Interface
Defining Shortcut Keys

Section 10 : Image Manipulation

Changing Image Canvas Size
Resizing Images
Cropping Images
Moving and Copying Selection
Rotating and Flipping Selection / Image
Masking Images

Section 11 : Understanding Layers

Understanding Layers
Creating, Copying and Deleting Layers
Setting Layer Properties
Merging and Flattening Layers
Transforming Layers
Rasterizing Layers
Creating Animated GIF from Layers
Applying Red Eye Reduction

Section 12 : Working with Type Tool

Working with Text
Creating and Editing Text
Formatting Text
Applying Text Wrap

Section 13 : Effects and Filters

Understanding Effects and Filters
Applying Artistic and Distortion Effects
Applying Blur Effects
Applying Lighting Effects
Working with Image Adjustments
Working with Sharpen and Unsharp Mask
Applying Red Eye Reduction

Section 14 : Understanding Drawing and Painting Tools

Drawing Tools
Working with Drawing Tools
Adding Lines and Shapes
Adjustting Shape's Path

Section 15 : Working with Painting Tools and Printing

Working with Painting Tools
Selecting Colour with the Eye Dropper
Filing with Gradient Fill
Colouring Using Paint Brush
Using the Eraser
Filling with Paint Bucket
Cloning with Clone Stamp
Preparing Outputs
Setup Print

Entry Requirement

  • Primary education without PSLE/PSPE Certificate or their equivalent 

Fees Structure


 03 days – Adobe Photoshop CS6 - 24 hrs (Perform Image Editing Functions) (ICDL Certification Module 9 : Image Editing) (CRS-Q-0024025-ES)


Singaporean 25 to 39 & PR

Mid-Career Enhanced & Subsidy >=40 years old born on /before 1979

WTS, > = 35 years old  born on/before 1984

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SkillsFuture Funding




Total Gross Fee




GST 7%




SkillsFuture Credit Deduction/Cash




Participant need to pass the test to get subsidy

Eligible for Claim Period: 01 Oct 2015 - 19 Jan 2020

SSG Advice:

All Singaporean aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses.

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