Adobe Illustrator CS6 - Fundamentals

Commencement Dates

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Course Duration

15 Hours 

Target Audience

This is a foundational level course for learners new to digital illustration. It is recommended for users who need Adobe Illustrator for print and press production. 


No working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is required to take this course. The ability to sketch and draw is an advantage but not essential.

Learners are only expected to demonstrate familiarity with the computer – such as the opening and saving of files, navigating the Windows operating system and mouse usage.


Successful trainee will receive Certificate of Attainment from Genetic Computer School

Course Pathway

For more information on the ICDL Progression Pathway please refer to the link below:

ICDL Courses Progression Pathways


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  1. navigate the new dark interface;
  2. set up Illustrator for a variety of outputs;
  3. manage files and work with imported assets;
  4. use the drawing tools to create shapes and objects;
  5. use the Pen tool to create Beziér paths;
  6. define, set and use colour, patterned and gradient fills;
  7. create and use Brushes;
  8. learn foundational digital typography;
  9. prepare output for pre-press

Course Details




Section - 1 General

Vector Graphic concepts, The new Dark CS6 interface( Docking tools & panels, The Control panel, Inline panel editing, Setting interface preferences) 

Defining an Illustrator Document ( Artboard setup, Setting bleeds, Using Guides, Smart Guides & Grids )

Document Management ( Creating documents for different media, Placing images, File formats & integration, Setting & using Mercury Performance )

Section - 2    Drawing                                                             


Creating Basic Shapes, Freeform Paths – the Pencil, Paths & the Pen tool ( Drawing with the Pen tool, Editing & manipulating Bézier paths: Reshape, Join,Split, Simplify )

Complex Shapes ( The Pathfinder, Using Shape Builder), Simple Blending

Section - 3  Manipulating Artwork                                                                          


Working with Layers & the Layers Panel, Selection techniques, Object Transforms ( Duplicating, Aligning, Transforming, Grouping & Arranging, Rotate, Reflect, Scale, Shear, Using Transform Again)

Changing Attributes ( Using the Appearance Panel, Path & stroke modification, Setting Stroke options: Cap & Miter settings, dashed & uneven strokes, Gradients on strokes ), Working with Transparency, Using Effects

Section - 4 Typography

Introduction to the Type Engine & OpenType, Applying Local Character & Paragraph Formatting ( Alignment, tabulation & indentation, Tracking & kerning, Leading, Hyphenation & justification), Setting Text-on-a-Path, Converting Text to Outlines

Section - 5 Colour & Fill

Defining & Applying Colour, Colour Models & Libraries ( Process vs. Spot colours, Creating & saving custom colours, Creating & using a colour group ), Gradients ( Creating Gradient & Fountain fills, Using the gradient controls, Transparency in gradients )

Patterns ( Using Pattern Fills, Defining repeating pattern swatches )

Brushes  ( Using Illustrators Brushes , Art, Calligraphy, Scatter, Pattern & Bristle, Using the Blob Brush, Defining Brushes and Brush options )

Section - 6



Printing from Illustrator – Draft vs. Full Colour Printing, Outputting Web Graphics – the SVG Format, Creating & Setting PDF Files, Exporting to other file formats

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Promotion Course Fee : $450/-.

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