Adobe Flash CS6 - Fundamentals

Commencement Dates

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Course Duration

15 Hours 

Target Audience

Anyone tasked with producing animated “shorts” for the web.

This course is also suitable for those upgrading from an older version of Flash and wish to streamline their workflow.


No prior knowledge of Flash is required, although some general web development experience will be helpful. Some foundational skills in creating web graphics will also be advantageous but is not absolutely necessary.


Successful trainees will receive Certificate of Attainment from Genetic Computer School

Course Pathway

For more information on the ICDL Progression Pathway please refer to the link below:

ICDL Courses Progression Pathways


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  1. determine stage settings for various Flash projects;
  2. create vector artwork within Flash;
  3. use imported assets such as bitmaps, audio and video files;
  4. use symbols and instances for optimum file sizes;
  5. use various animation techniques;
  6. understand and construct complex animations with movie clips;
  7. create simple interactivity with buttons;
  8. output for various destinations and devices

Course Details



Section 1 : Flash Basics

Flash: An Overview, The Flash Workspace, Understanding Vector Graphics vs. Pixels, How Flash Integrates in the online environment, Setting Document Properties ( Stage (movie) size, Background colour, Determining a proper frame rate )

Section 2 : Artwork in Flash

Creating & Modifying Artwork, Using the Drawing Tools ( Shapes & Primitives, The Pen & the Pencil, The Brush & the Deco Brush ), Setting Attributes ( Colours, strokes & fills, Filling & modifying gradients ), Shapes, Groups & Transformations 

Section 3 : Imported Assets

Bitmaps ( File formats & size considerations, Transparency, Tracing & modifying, Using a bitmap as a fill ), Audio ( Understanding audio formats, Compression & Quality Issue, Using MP3 compression, Adding audio to frames & buttons), Vectors ( Importing content from Illustrator,  Freehand & other drawing programs ), Importing Animations – GIFs & SWFs

Section 4 : Symbols & Instances

Creating Symbols, Working with the Library, Symbol Types ( Graphics, Defining the graphic, Setting the registration point, Movie Clips, Understanding multiple timelines, Nesting Symbols)

Section 5 : Animation & Movie Construction


Using Motion Presets ( Working with the Timeline, Placing elements on the timeline, Frames & layers, Scenes ), Basic Animation ( Understanding keyframing, Frame-by-frame animation, Tweens, Classic & Motion tweening, Shape (morph) effects, Colour & transparency effects, Animation on a path )

Further Animation Techniques ( Editing motion paths, Masking techniques, Onion skinning, Multiple-effect frames, Easing frames )

Section 6 : Basic Interactivity

Buttons ( Button states, Defining the hit area, Animating buttons ), Simple Actions ( Stopping a movie on a specific frame, Linking to a specific scene, Linking to an external website )

Section 7 : Publishing

Understanding the Publish Settings, Outputting SWF, HTML & other files, Testing the Movie ( Streaming performance, Filesize & download time, Generating delivery reports, Delivering Flash – Flash Player considerations ), Packaging for AIR, Android and iOS

Fees Structure

Promotion Course Fee : $450/-.

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