ES WSQ – 3 Days – Perform Advanced Word Processing Functions (Ms Word 2013 – 24 hrs) (ICDL Certification Module: Advanced Word Processing)

Commencement Dates

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Course Duration

24 Hours

Target Audience

For beginner and professional who in need of Advanced Word Processing features and applications to enhance their work, improve productivity and save time.


Need to possess basic knowledge of Word 2013


Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore. This is a joint certification between WDA and ICDL Singapore. Student must take a 60 minutes online assessment at the end of the course.

Course Pathway

Any other ICDL courses



ICDL Advanced Word Processing is a high level certification program where candidates can demonstrate their ability to use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance their work, improve productivity and save time. The ICDL Advanced Word Processing module give candidates the opportunity to be certified at an 'expert level' in the use of word processing applications, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software.

Individuals with ICDL Advanced Word Processing certified skills can:

  1. Apply advanced text, paragraph, column and table formatting. Convert text to a table and vice versa.
  2. Work with referencing features like footnotes, endnotes and captions. Create tables of contents, indexes and   cross-references.
  3. Enhance productivity by using fields, forms and templates.
  4. Apply advanced mail merge techniques and work with automation features like macros.
  5. Use linking and embedding features to integrate data.
  6. Collaborate on and review documents. Work with master documents and sub-documents. Apply document security features.
  7. Work with watermarks, sections, and headers and footers in a document.

Course Details



Section 1 : Working Efficiently

Design Considerations
Recognize Different
Techniques That Are Available
Create and Use Hyperlinks
Save in Various Formats

Section 2 : Text Editing

Use Advanced Find and Replace Options
Use Paste Special Options
AutoCorrect & AutoFormat
Create AutoText
Change Text Flow and Wrap

Section 3 : Paragraph Editing      

Amend Line Spacing
Change Paragraph Pagination Options
Create and Modify Styles
Apply Outline Levels to Styles
Work with Multilevel Lists

Section 4 : Document Setup

Add & Delete Section Breaks
Apply Section Formatting
Apply Headers and Footers to Sections
Create Multiple Columns in a Document
Modify Column Layout, Width and Spacing
Create Watermarks

Section 5 :Tables

AutoFormat Tables
Merge and Split Cells
Convert Text to a Table
Sort Data
Perform Calculations Change

Section 6 : Referencing

Create, Modify & Delete
Footnotes & Endnotes
Create, Format & Update a Table of Contents
Add & Delete Bookmarks
Create & Delete Cross references
Add Captions
Create a Table of Figures
Create & Edit Index Entries

Section 7 : Collaborative Editing

Add and Remove Comments
Edit Comments
Track Changes to Documents
Accept or Reject Changes
Compare and Combine Documents

Section 8 : Document Security

Password Protect a Document
Change Passwords
Remove Password Protection

Section 9 : Master Document and Templates

Create a Master Document
Create a Subdocument
Add or Remove a Subdocument
Modify a Template

Section 10 : Field cods and Forms

Insert, Delete, Edit and Update Field Codes
Lock or Unlock a Field
Create and Edit a Form
Change Form Field Options

Section 11 : Mail Merge

Edit a Mail Merge Data
Source, Sort and Query a Data Source
Use Ask and IF Fields
Use Different Data Sources

Section 12 : Linking and Embedding

Link Data into a Document
Update and Break Links
Embed Data and Modify Embedded Data

Section 13 : Macros

Record & Run a Macro
Assign a Macro to a Button





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SME Company



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Foreigner (WP, S-Pass, E-Pass, Dependant Pass)




Singaporean - 40 yrs and above



Singaporean – 21 – 39 yrs



Singapore PR



WTS (35 yrs and above - salary less than $2000)



Foreigner and work pass holders – WP, S-Pass,

E-Pass, Dependant Pass)



SME: Small and Medium Enterprise

WTS: Workfare Training Support

Participant need to pass the test to get subsidy

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